• Compassionate Recovery Group (Professionals Group) on Saturdays at 8am

    We have some exciting news to share!

    Beginning Saturday, April 23rd at 8am we will be starting a new group “Compassionate Recovery Group” for professionals seeking to support their recoveries. This group is tailored both in the time offered and content for medical/behavioral health, law enforcement, first responders seeking to have a confidential place to share, connect and improve overall wellness. Florence LaPorte who has utilized this model over the years will be facilitating the group at our Farmington Location at 270 Farmington Ave Suite 332 Farmington CT across from UCONN Health Center. 

    The mission of the group is as follows: 

    In our daily lives, we have a tendency to get carried away with our thoughts, emotions and perceptions about the past and the future. Compassionate Recovery is a guide to returning to our present self, to reanchor and collect our mind to our daily lives. 

    Each member is participating in their own personal journey. The content of compassion is defined to support acceptance of differences and how they bring about healing to each as an individual. This acceptance brings one to being here, fully alive and fully aware of their present.

    The group will utilize mindfulness, therapy strategies including those focused on trauma in addition to addressing coping mechanisms. The group tends to have participants for a long period of time and as a support for those who may not be as comfortable with other community groups. 

    We are in network with BCBS, AETNA, HUSKY for this group. For out of network clients the group would be 60 per week and we could submit to their insurance carriers on their behalf. 



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